Rage.Fan is offering a solution that “Gamifies Staking” and enables token holders to stake & earn NFTs around major sporting events happening across the world. NFTs will be made available for sports ranging from Football (Soccer) and Basketball to F1 and eSports. Available on Polygon (previously MATIC), BSC, and Ethereum, the staking farm is perpetual and token holders have all the incentives to stay staked throughout the year. The farm is now live with Euro 2020 and NBA Playoffs 2021.


A partnership that will make you Moov!

Rage.Fan is excited to announce a Strategic Partnership with dotmoovs to sporting fans around the world.

dotmoovs is the first crypto mobile worldwide competitive environment, where users can compete with others around the world just by bringing their skills, ambition, and smartphone. The rest will be done by their AI-based video referee to assess user performance.

Partnership Vision

dotmoovs believes that the work people put into their regular sports practice should be rewarded. The partnership will see dotmoovs power their competitions with NFT offerings from Rage.Fan.

Soon, every dotmoovs and Rage.Fan supporter will be able to join our competition that celebrates UEFA’s…

Rage.Fan is very excited to announce its NFT platform for Staking and Collecting NFTs. The platform will offer a simple and flexible way for users to come, stake, and acquire NFTs

1–23 Step Process

  1. Stake $RAGE,
  2. Accumulate required points
  3. Redeem NFTs using those points. That's it!

Platform Features

The platform will offer two modes for users to stake $RAGE: Flexi Staking and Instant Rewards

  • Flexi Staking – as name suggests will give the users the provision to un-stake $RAGE at any moment. Points are acquired for every second you remain staked.
  • Instant Rewards – on the other hand, is based on Fixed Staking. Here the…

Dear RageFan’s,

The first quarter was no less than a rollercoaster ride. The RageFan team is working very hard behind the scenes and surely you are observing the continuous market, product development and partnership updates.

We successfully launched our Scramble token hunting mobile app in the first quarter. Our Rage.Fan fantasy sports platform Alpha launch was delayed as some of our team members were affected due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. However, the team fought back, worked harder and successfully launched our Beta in April of the second quarter with the community’s extensive support.

After the success of Rage.Fan Superstars Program 1.0, we are very excited to announce the launch of Rage.Fan Superstars Program 2.0.

Recently we have seen phenomenal growth and to continue that we want to reach as many as possible. The Superstars will play a key role in achieving this objective.

Why become a member of the Rage.Fan Ambassador Program?

  • When you join the Superstars Program, you will become a promoter of Rage.Fan
  • You will be driving adoption that creates more rewards and value for fans
  • You will have exclusive access to news and updates about Rage.Fan
  • You will have the opportunity to grow professionally, make a name for yourself…

Kardia Ventures, the investment arm of KardiaChain — the leading blockchain network in Vietnam.

Recently Rage.Fan got a chance to chat with Kardia Ventures where they discussed fantasy space potential, sports NFTs, and their investment in Rage.Fan.

Here is the interview snippet:

Rage.Fan: Why did you choose to invest in Rage.Fan?

Kardia Ventures:

“We are impressed with the company’s vision and breakthrough technology. Fantasy sport has been very popular around the world, but by combining with blockchain technology, Rage.Fan will offer a much improved and transparent product.”

Rage.Fan: How do you see the potential of fantasy sports & quizzing space…

Rage.Fan is very happy to announce a Strategic Partnership with Crypto Puzzles

Crypto Puzzles is a unique and simple product where users can purchase digital jigsaw puzzles with their CPT tokens. Upon completion of each puzzle, users will find a unique private key to a PRE-LOADED wallet, where you can win, or win BIG Users can win up to 400x, and in the worst-case situation, would still get 10% of the cost of the capital back. Random wallets will also contain tokens and NFT’s from our partners.

Partnership Vision

The partnership is aimed at bringing more and more NFTs to a larger…

To continuously scale the uNFT portfolio to a wider audience and bring easy access to its exclusive uNFTs, Rage.Fan is partnering with UNIFTY to make this a reality!

UNIFTY & Rage.Fan are announcing an airdrop of its 8 limited edition exclusive tennis uNFTs between 6th May to 23rd May 2021 (both days included)

Program Structure:

  • To be eligible to receive uNFTs, the recipients need to hold a minimum of 50 NIF (You can get NIF: HERE or HERE)
  • There will be 4 airdrops of 2 uNFTs each
  • The 4 snapshots will be taken on 6th May 2021, 11th May 2021, 16th May…

Rage.Fan launches limited edition tennis NFTs for simple Stake, Play, and Win on UNIFTY

When Rafael Nadal returns to the Roland Garros to stake his claim on the French Open for the 14th time, you could be winning a lot more on the Rage.Fan platform. In line with its vision to transform Fantasy Gaming through innovation and by making it fan-first, Rage.Fan has announced a first-of-its-kind NFT based Tennis Fantasy game.

The concept is simple: Stake, Play and Win

Staking: Players have to stake the $RAGE tokens to earn points at the rate of 1 point per 1 token staked per day. Collect the required points to get access to NFTs based on the top 32 seeds in the men’s and the…

Rage.Fan is very happy to announce a Strategic Partnership with Unifty.

UNIFTY is a new hub for NFT projects to mint, buy, sell, swap, and create NFT farms with just a few clicks! No coding or difficult contract interactions required while you are fully owning your contracts

Partnership Vision

This partnership will add to the existing NFT capabilities of Rage.Fan and help further scale up its NFT portfolio to a wider audience through extended channels.

Rage.Fan will be leveraging the multichain infrastructure capability of Unifty which in turn would allow users to get easy access to NFTs powered by Rage.Fan. …


A fan-first on-chain fantasy & utility NFT (uNFT) sports platform built on Blockchain Technology

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