Christmas & New Year With Rage Fan — Claim your Free Santa NFT

5 min readDec 24, 2022


Scramble is a play-2-earn hyper casual gaming application which operates as a decentralized platform. Scramble application supports crypto tokens, NFTs and is a multichain platform. Scramble provides an unique opportunity to earn by playing free games, paid battles and tournaments and now E-sport online games. All the games fall under the hyper casual category where users don’t need expertise or expensive hardware to play. This Christmas scramble is happily decided to release the new Santa NFT. The users can hunt and get the NFT also more assured rewards.

What is Santa NFT?

Christmas Digital Collectible is the next big thing in the NFT Space, and this Christmas, Rage Fan is giving you an opportunity to be an holder of the Limited Santa NFTs. These NFTs comes along with loaded utilities, and additional rewards such as Movie Vouchers, Online Shopping Vouchers, Merchandise etc.

Utilities of the NFTs?

Let’s take a look at the utilities being offered to a holder of the Santa NFT:

  • 10 Free Spins: Every Hodler of the NFT will be eligible for additional 10 Spins on the Raging Spinner.
  • 250 $RAGE Tokens Bonus: We know you love playing games, to make your festive season more exciting, play hyper casual games with 250 $RAGE Token Bonus and make your winnings bigger.
  • 2X Rewards on Playing Tournament : You get to earn 2x Rewards on Tournament winnings, compete with other users on the app and finish on the winning position in the tournament.
  • Exclusive Role For Santa NFT Holders on Rage Fan Discord Server. Be a part of the RF’s Discord, if you still aren’t — Join our Discord

How to hunt & claim your exclusive Santa NFT?

Here is a step by step description on how you can claim your exclusive Santa NFT, let’s take a look:

Step 1 : Download Scramble App From Play Store or App Store

Step 2: Click on the Hunt Tab from the Settings Option

Step 3 : Hunt “Santa” NFT, you can also choose to hunt other tokens to make this christmas more exciting 🌝

Step 4: Check the NFTs which are available near you and click on Hunt

Step 5: While claiming the NFT, make sure to be within 50m radius of the NFT.

Step 6: Congratulations ! You have successfully hunted the Santa NFT, check your collectible to view your NFT.

Benefits of Holding Santa NFT:

Fam, the Celebrations are not yet over, owning a Santa NFT not only comes with loaded utilities, but also with some additional benefits which could make you win exciting rewards. All you have to do is play as many games you can on the scramble app, make your festive season amazing and get your hands on rewards such as Movie Vouchers, Gift-Cards, Merchandise etc.

⏺Play Hyper Casual Games or Spin the Wheel worth 1000 $RAGE, and be eligible for movie vouchers worth INR 225 (15 Winners).

⏺Play Hyper Casual Games or Spin the Wheel worth 2000 $RAGE, and be eligible for Flipkart Shopping Voucher worth INR 250 (10 Winners).

⏺Play Hyper Casual Games or Spin the Wheel worth 3000 $RAGE, and be eligible for Signed Cricket Bat (Gayle & Bravo) worth INR 1250 (3 Winners).

⏺Play Hyper Casual Games or Spin the Wheel worth 5000 $RAGE, and be eligible for IND Vs PAK Asia Cup 2022 Final Frame worth INR 4000 (5 Winners).

⏺⏺⏺⏺Play Hyper Casual Games or Spin the Wheel worth 500 $RAGE, and be eligible for Rage Fan Official Merchandise (20 Winners).


Refer a Friend b/w 24th Dec 2022–2nd Jan 2023, and on every successful referral you will get 250 $RAGE, and the referee will get 250 $RAGE Bonus as well.

✴️ The Referee must play minimum of 5
✴️ The Referee must deposit minimum 500 $RAGE in his account or purchase it from the on-ramp feature inside the app.
✴️ The Referee must use the promo code of the referrer.


♦️Every user will be eligible for only one reward based on their spending during the campaign duration.
♦️ The winners will be picked randomly, and will be announced within 1 week of the contest ends.
♦️ The 2x tournament winnings will be given during the contest duration, and hence would come down to the original winnings from 3rd Jan’2023.
♦️ In case of any user won outside India, the rewards will be compensated with USDT Tokens.
♦️Rewards will be Settled, within 7days from the campaign end date.

** Users need to pay for their shipping charges if theire rewards are to be sent by post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What is the Christmas Campaign Duration?
Ans: 24th Dec’2022–2nd Jan’2023

Q2) Am i Eligible to Hunt Santa NFT?
Ans: Yes, everyone is eligible

Q3) What is the Supply of the Santa NFTs?
Ans: 100

Q4) If i spend 5000 RAGE Tokens, am i eligible for all the rewards in other categories as well?
Ans: No, you will be only eligible for the rewards in the 5000 $RAGE Category i.e IND Vs PAK Asia Cup Digital Frame Worth INR 4000

Q5) What is the Value of $RAGE Token?
Ans: You can check for the liveprice of $RAGE Token from Coingecko or Coinmarketcap

Q6) From Where I can Purchase $RAGE Tokens?
Ans: You can purchase $RAGE Tokens within the Scramble App with INR, or else choose to purchase it from exchanges such as Gate io or Bitbns.

Q7) Can i Swap $RAGE Tokens?
Ans: Yes, you can swap it from Dfyn Network or Router Protocol.

Q8) How Do i claim Exclusive Role on Discord?
Ans: Raise a ticket on our Discord Channel & share the screenshot of holding the NFT, our moderators will assign exclusive role for you.

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