Vita Inu — VINU Partners RageFan for Pay-to-Play-to-win on Scramble App

5 min readSep 10, 2022


RageFan is happy to announce the Pay to play partnerships for SCRAMBLE P2E games. VINU— Vita Inu are launching their tokens on Scramble for Pay to Play to Earn model. With this partnership VINU holders will now able to use their tokens on Scramble for a Pay to Play to Win(P2P2W) mode. We are expecting more such partnerships various projects who would be launching their tokens as fee and rewards on Scramble platform giving them an additional utility. Scramble provides an unique opportunity for gamers to earn by playing hyper casual games. The more the players participate and score in games they win on Scramble. Additionally gamers will also have option to play with other tokens apart from $RAGE. The gamers will win in same token as the fee token.


Scramble is a first-of-its-kind digital asset and gaming app. Scramble supports crypto tokens, NFTs and is multichain. Play and Earn Hyper Casual Games such as carrom, tower drop, etc are the center of the platform. Scramble is the first play to earn hyper casual gaming application which shares the Ad revenues with gamers who watch ads on the platform. The ad earning is added directly based on the revenue generated via Ads through APIs.

Scramble is powered by the team behind RageFan. Scramble can be downloaded from Playstore and App Store.

About Vita Inu Community

Vita Inu Coin (VINU) is the governance token of the VINU ecosystem, and a token on the Vite DAG network. Created in 2021, VINU is the world’s first fast, feeless (and cheeky) dog-themed memecoin with high TPS and smart contracts. VINU’s philosophy is to have fun, make new friends, and learn all about the greatest technological revolution of our lifetimes — cryptocurrency — within an engaging, viral ecosystem.

Hyper Casual Games:

Hyper casual games are designed for a wide range of users, characterized by simple rules, and do not require perseverance or any special skills from the user. Unlike casual or immersive games, players of hyper casuals spend much less time on a game session.

Hyper casual games are,

  1. Minimalist game design
  2. Quick access to games. Doesn’t require high end hardware or connectivity
  3. They are lightweight and doesn’t drain the battery like other games
  4. Simple monetization where users can earn by playing

Games available on Scramble.

We have 200+ games from our partner Gamezop which can be played for fun.

and many more Coming Soon…

Available Game Modes:

Player vs Player:

Multiplayer gaming is real time P2P play where each player will be mapped to a another player dynamically. P2P play will be soon introduced in Scramble. Scramble app will use a proprietary match making algorithm to connect players who wish to compete against other. The competition will be in particular game, eg, Carrom where a user can play with a real opponent instead of AI. Keep following our official handles for updates on multiplayer gaming.

Solo Play:

In this mode the users play single. The payouts are optimized based on the daily averages to provide a streamlined reward system. The users who are able to perform better than the average and participate with higher fee can get significant rewards.

The performance is calculated based on the daily average and overall average of the player as well as the system for a particular game. Players with higher than average score will have positive performance multiplier and lower than average would have negative performance multiplier.

The Payouts would be,

  1. Minimum to 30 rage per game — maximum reward is 20% on play amount. Minimum is 0
  2. 30–50 rage per game — maximum reward is 40% on play amount. Minimum is 5
  3. 50–100 rage per game — maximum reward if 30% on play amount. Minimum is 15
  4. 100+ rage per game — maximum reward is 25% on play amount. Minimum is 25
  5. Maximum play amount is 250 RAGE

Free Mode:

Gamers can play in free mode to earn game points. The game points can be used to collect special NFTs from Ragefan which can have varied utilities such as access to game modes for winning on tokens directly or multiplier NFTs for DFS games.

Also earn via watching Ads where Scramble users are shared the revenue generated via Ads.



Daily tournaments would be organized on Scramble for the games mentioned above. Users can compete with each other and win. Players can participate with $Rage or partner token as fee and play as many times as they can within the time limit. The players topping the leaderboard are rewarded.


Guild based Scholarships introduce blockchain play to earn games to a larger audience who may have difficulty in investing in NFTs or other crypto assets which maybe required to play in game. These guilds have a large community who are avid gamers. Scramble team is working with various guilds to design a gaming guild ecosystem that will allow the guilds to invest in P2E model in Scramble and win through their scholars. This will be a completely automated system where Guild can publish the open spots in Scramble and players apply through the app. Once match players can play their favorite games and win. Guilds will earn through revenue sharing model. The guild scholars will earn higher rewards to compensate for their Guild’s investment in Scramble.

Partnership With Scramble:

Scramble is partnering with various crypto projects to bring in their tokens as part of the gaming ecosystem. The partner tokens will now be used as fee for playing games and rewarded in the same token. Vita Inu is launching their token on Scramble. The token VINU will be used in Scramble as fees and rewards.

Reach Vita Inu:

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Know more about Scramble:

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