Winning modes in Scramble

What is Scramble?

Scramble is a first-of-its-kind digital asset and gaming app. Scramble supports crypto tokens, NFTs and is multichain. Play and Earn Games such as carrom, tower drop, etc are the centre of the platform.

Play and earn games are becoming popular where users can play with a fee and earn rewards based on the performance. The gameplay can be single or multiplayer. The games fall in the hypercasual category where users don’t need expertise or expensive hardware to play. The gameplay lasts for a few minutes and rewards are given instantly.

Scramble provides an unique opportunity to earn by playing hyper casual games. The more the players participate and score in games they additionally earn points apart from $RAGE, which they can redeem for NFTs which will give free access to games for a duration as mentioned in the NFT.

Different avenues of winnings on Scramble

  1. Pay to Play to Win
  2. Free Gameplay
  3. Referrals
  4. Scholarship
  5. Ad watch multiplier

Pay to Play to Win model

The player can get a maximum or reward based on their individual performance in a game. On playing with $Rage or $Prage as fees, the reward is provided in $Rage. If the fee is paid in other partner tokens, the reward is given out in respective tokens. The rewards on pay to play is higher compared to free play models. Get the latest payout grid here

Scoring System in Scramble

The payouts are optimised based on the daily averages to provide a streamlined reward system. The users who are able to perform better than the average can get significant rewards which can go up to maximum in the Payout Grid or a minimum in Payout Grid if the performance is low.

The performance is calculated based on the daily average and overall average of the player as well as the system for a particular game. Players with higher than average score will have positive performance multiplier and lower than average would have negative performance multiplier. The payout is calculated as fees + fees*Performance multiplier. Below is a sample calculation of the scoring system for pay to play.

Free Gameplay model

Special games are allowed for free on Scramble app and earn RAGE tokens based on performance. ️Free-to-play games have interesting attribute, these games will be released at least for 4 times in a day, and these games will keep shuffling in every slot. ️The free-to-play will be released at random times during the day and be available for short durations ranging from 20–40 minutes. ️The maximum earnings from free-to-play games will be 50 $RAGE per game .

Referrals earning model

Scramble app offer a reward multiplier based on the number of referrals in the last 7 days. To be considered as a successful referral the referred used must verify the contact details post signup and play a game. The multiplier is automatically applied to users winning after a game. The daily limit remains same. The multiplier is applicable for all games and tokens. The referral multiplier is provided as below tiers.

  1. 1–5 Referral — -> 1.1x
  2. 6–15 Referral — -> 1.2x
  3. 16–30 Referral — -> 1.3x and
  4. Above 30 Referral — -> 1.4x

Start referring, play and earn quickly.

Scholarship model

Scholarships introduce blockchain play to earn games to a larger audience who may have difficulty in investing in NFTs or tokens which maybe required to play in game. Scramble team is working with various guilds to design a gaming guild ecosystem that will allow the guilds to invest in P2E model in Scramble and win through their scholars. This will be a completely automated system where Guild can publish the open spots in Scramble and players apply through the app. There will be a minimum amount for staking in the platform and they get free spots for scholars to play and win.

Scholarship Process

  • Guild or Sponsors to stake $Rage as mentioned in the portal. Based on the volume of $Rage staked the sponsors get spots to play on Scramble
  • RageFan and Guilds to promote the partnership in their respective social channels for larger participation
  • Scholars and players can download and register on Scramble
  • In the scholarship section of the app players can see participating guilds and available spots. Revenue sharing details are mentioned in the Scholarship details.
  • Players join their favourite guild’s scholarship listing in Scramble
  • Players then play their choice of games and win
  • Based on the predefined revenue sharing specifics guild and scholars will receive their share of $Rage in their respective wallets
  • Sponsors have the option to view the performance and winnings from each participant. They can change the players if needed.

Ad Watch Multiplier

Scramble has introduced advertisements to provide a better and sustainable economy for the ecosystem. The revenue generated is used for rewarding the players on Scramble. The player benefit through a multiplier on their score by watching an advertisement. The user can skip the ad to get regular scoring. The multiplier varies depending on the game mode such as Pay to play, free or tournaments.

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