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Scramble is a first-of-its-kind digital asset, play-2-earn gaming app. Scramble application supports crypto tokens, NFTs and is a multichain platform. Play and Earn Games such as carrom, tower drop, etc., are the center of the platform.

Play and earn games are becoming popular where users can play with a fee and earn rewards based on the performance. The gameplay can be single or multiplayer. The games fall in the hyper casual category where users don’t need expertise or expensive hardware to play. The gameplay lasts for a few minutes and rewards are given instantly.

Scramble provides an unique opportunity to earn by playing hyper casual games. The more the players participate and score in games they additionally earn points apart from $RAGE, which they can redeem for NFTs which will give free access to games for a duration as mentioned in the NFT.

What Are Hyper Casual games?

Hyper-casual games are characterized by lightweight, instantly playable games that players revisit often because of short session length and fun game mechanics. Hyper-casual games usually focus around a single core mechanic, like parking a car or dunking a basketball, but are still challenging to players and have universal appeal. In short, hyper-casual games are easy to pick up but difficult to master, encouraging players to come back.

Gaming modes in Scramble:

Different forms of user-friendly and entertaining hyper casual games are included in the Scramble app. Crypto tokens, NFTs, and multichain are supported by Scramble. Playing a game allows you to win fun rewards.

Types of existing gaming categories in scramble:

  1. Player Vs Player
  2. Free-2-Play-2-Earn
  3. Single Player Game Mode
  4. Tournament Mode


It’s time to up the game, Put your skills to the test in this brand new mode! Players can choose between 8 player and 10 player tournaments. Rage Fan will record the scores of the players individually and accordingly, the prize pool will be shared amongst the top position on the leaderboard.

The tournament mode consists of Ongoing and Upcoming tournaments and can be played with various available tokens in the app. We, at Rage Fan, believes to reward the early birds. If you choose to enter in the upcoming Tournaments, the fees will be on the lower side before the tournament starts. Every tournament requires a minimum player as participation, if the minimum amount of players haven’t joined the game then the game will be cancelled and the entry fee will be refunded to the registered players.

You pay once for the tournament and you can play the game ’n’ number of times till the tournament hasn’t ended. The Highest of all the games would be considered while making the leaderboard.


Esports, short for electronic sports, is a form of competition using video games. Esports often takes the form of organised, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams. To enlarge the scramble user’s enthusiasm, esports gaming was introduced on scramble to ensure gaming to be explored on all platforms and it will endure the passion towards the esports games towards which it aims upon creating the maximum opportunities to test the skills of each other on a different platform.


We strongly believe that a multichain approach is the future of blockchain industry. Along with Polygon, Scramble will now support any EVM-based token. It essentially means that as a project, we can integrate/add any token which is based on EVM Chain. The community can essentially play the games with the integrated tokens and get rewarded in the same token which is used as entry fee.


In the new update, unlike previously, the user has to no longer claim winnings for individual games.

Previously, there was a minimum limit of 100 $RAGE per game to claim, the individual gaming limits have been scraped off and winnings gets stored in the specific bucket of token which can be claimed seamlessly and moved to the wallet or can be used again to play the games.


A strong and engaged community will lead to improved products, learning and innovation, as well as company growth.

Based on the feedback & suggestion of the community, Rage Fan will no longer support custodial wallets on the Scramble app. The existing and the new users on the platform will be able to connect their existing web3(non-custodial) wallet with Scramble app making the onboarding experience hassle-free.

Simply connect your web3 wallet with Scramble app and transfer the tokens directly from your web3 wallet to Scramble app.

What is a Non-Custodial wallet?
A non-custodial wallet allows the owner to control their own private keys. Non-custodial wallets support censorship-resistant transactions.
Eg- Metamask Wallet, Trust Wallet etc

The existing users on the scramble who holds custodial wallet will be given time to integrate their existing private key/seed phrase to web3 wallet.

Find Seed phrase / private key on scramble👇
1) Go to Settings
2) Click on Seed & Private Key
3) Enter password


  1. Now, Sign up on the Scramble app seamlessly by simply clicking on “Continue With Google” or Login/Signup via any regular email.
  2. New Games have been introduced on the app, which will allow you to play unlimited with a 1 time entry fee, but keep in mind that the score of the first game-play would be taken for calculation of the rewards.
  3. New Tokens have been integrated with the app, which gives more utility to the projects and enables their community to come on the app and play with respective tokens.
    Some of the new tokens added are : $PIT, $VINU, $BABYDOGE, $DOGELON, $INDI etc
  4. The $RAGE Token can be used to participate in any of the gaming mode available on the Scramble app.
  5. HUNT feature has been removed from Scramble which will later be added to the application, separately to exclusive users.

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Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized sports platform built on Polygon/MATIC, offering Sports Utility NFTs, NFT Staking, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Scramble