Rage Fan Partners With GameStar Exchange For A Rewarding Fantasy Sports Experience

2 min readFeb 11, 2022


Rage Fan is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with GameStar Exchange. GameStar Exchange feels that such aspects can pave the way for endless profitable opportunities since users can earn significant rewards in national, international, team, and individual sporting events based on real-time performances.

Value Proposition for users

Fantasy sports has created an unparalleled intrigue element, hooking even the most hardcore sports enthusiasts. Be it football, basketball, or cricket, many people who are crazy about these sports are also into fantasy sports gaming. However, traditional fantasy sports games do not offer rewards like Rage.Fan does. Using the DFS platform, players can earn massive dividends according to real-time performances across multiple sporting events. Moreover, they can even get additional rewards with Rage.Fan’s sports NFTs and climb leaderboards.

The platform’s main aim is to bring real value for its users with the $RAGE token and its sports utility NFTs for numerous sports. A partnership with GameStar Exchange further brings the gaming community into the picture. This means that sports enthusiasts and gamers across the globe can also utilise both platforms to earn some serious rewards simply by playing games and building their dream sports teams. Therefore, those who wish to enter the gaming and sports realms and even make some crypto along the way can leverage these unparalleled offerings.

About GameStar Exchange

When it comes to decentralised peer-to-peer trading platforms, GameStar Exchange is among the best. It is a Polkadot-based platform that aims to deliver a safe, profitable, and efficient trading experience to its community. GameStar Exchange offers trading solutions for game items, metaverse items, NFTs, and gift cards. At this P2P exchange, users can forget about high transaction fees, ownership conflicts, and even regional boundaries.

Therefore, keep a weather eye on GameStar Exchange’s social media handles and get the latest news.

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About Rage.Fan

Rage.Fan is a decentralised platform built on the blockchain. With its own native crypto, the $RAGE token, Rage.Fan offers simple user verification, increased transparency and a seamless user experience. Players also get the option to stake Rage.Fan’s utility NFTs. These NFTs also function as Action Cards that allow users to multiply their in-game points and rise up the leaderboard. Essentially, players can easily use the Rage.Fan app to create their squads and participate in ongoing sporting events to earn massive rewards.




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