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Sports industry is an industry that connects the largest demographics of fans across the globe. Fans can test their knowledge of different games and place bets. It is now an easy way to make income, depending on your understanding of game statistics. Sports betting is easy on your tablet, computer, or even smartphone to get access to the desired games. A set of sports fans have always been crazy about betting on their favourite teams and earning by it. The entertainment value it offers is immaculate, it is a fun pastime. Its a way of showing their love and interest towards their favourite team. While sports betting is aimed at relaxation, you can also use it to make good profits. Watching your favourite sports team play is entertainment, and the fun is doubled when bets are placed and won. There’s no better feeling than making some predictions, and it comes out right. This is yet another reason for this industry’s global recognition.

Since betting is such a global industry, to attract a new set of users, predicting and betting using NFTs would be a game changing idea. The revolution of NFTs in our era is so evident and well known among people around the globe. So incorporating them into something like betting would combine and create a groundbreaking arena for both sport fans and crypto users. To bring this ideology to life Rage Fan is introducing an NFT sport prediction platform.
The intention of this NFT prediction platform is to decentralise the way sports predictions are done. Most of the current predictions and betting platforms lack transparency in the transactions. There is no valid method to gauge the users participation. NFT prediction platform records all the transactions on the chain. The contest participation is secured through smart contracts and users can see the actual participation.


The Rage Fan Prediction play application will be a multichain sports prediction platform which will operate by betting on team NFTs for every match. Numerous tournaments/leagues occur across various sports such as Cricket, Football, Basketball. This website will bring a unique NFT experience to own and participate in betting contests for tournaments/leagues all around the globe. Prediction contests will be conducted for every match in a league/tournament. NFTs bought from the NFT market will be specific to a team and each team NFT will have a specified number of usage limitations and a winning amount for each match. Based on the teams points, performance and strategy, holders can utilise the chance, plan and predict accordingly to win.

In the NFT prediction website, NFT will depict a team Eg: Everton in EPL (English Premier League), Chile in Fifa world cup. The NFT can be an image or a video. The user will be allowed to buy a team NFT from the NFT prediction website and play prediction with it. Users can buy team NFTs, and can participate in multiple tournaments across multiple sports based on their knowledge on specific sports, leagues and teams. Fans can participate and bet on multiple sports and multiple teams based on their preference after evaluating their winning chances. The application utilizes standard sports data from specialized API providers across various sports such as Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby, Baseball, Tennis, Olympics, etc. The match details and winning data is taken from the feed. To provide a better perspective of the match the odds for the team is also displayed.

The NFT and blockchain brings in a secure experience in prediction the transactions are stored in smart contracts. The platform aims to keep the entire process simple. The NFT has a fixed price, fixed number of usage and a fixed amount for each win. The user has to simply choose the best matches the team has the chance of winning and get rewards as the team wins. Eg: in MLS each NFT has an usage of 10 times. The team are left with playing 20 times in the league matches. Choose the 10 matches where your team has a higher chance of winning and bet on the team. At the end of using all the chances, keep the NFT as a collectible.


Q-How to buy an NFT?
Ans-In the “Explore NFTs” tab on, you can find all the NFTs that are available in the marketplace. To buy a specific team/club NFT, you can choose the sport, choose the tournament and find your preferred team that you wish to buy. Once you find out the NFT that you want to buy, click on the “Confirm & Buy” option. Read the utilities, description and token details carefully before proceeding to buy an NFT.

Q-How to bet using an NFT?
Ans-In the Matches tab, you can see an “Upcoming” ‘option, where you can find all the matches that are about to start. You can also find a specific match by choosing the sport, tournament and team. Once you find out the match details, proceed by clicking “Bet <Team Name> Win” and then click “Confirm Bet.” Eg: If you want to bet on the team ‘New York City FC’ that plays in the MLS tournament. You can select the league and team from the category and you can find the upcoming matches that the team is going to play and once you find the match details, you can proceed to click “Bet NY Win.”

Q-What are the betting limitations?
Ans-There is only a limited number of NFTs for each team that users can buy and later bet on a certain number of matches based on the choice of their own. A user can buy only one team NFT and use it for an allowed number of times throughout the league. Users must go through the description details and other information like number of match access to join, rewards for each match and maximum win amount before buying an NFT in the “Payment Confirmation” dialogue box. No pay-outs will be given if a match ends in a draw or if their chosen team loses.

Q-How are the payouts structured?
Ans-Once you buy an NFT, you can use them for a specified number of times. Once you buy a team NFT, betting against the team where the NFT team has high winning chances can help you get payback on win. So analysing a team and calculating their winning chances can help you win every time you bet on the team. The payouts are given based on users’ predicting skill.

Q-Transaction and Wallet details
Ans-All your transaction history from buying and betting your NFT to receiving payouts, are saved on the chain, and everything can be found under the “Transactions” tab for user clarification.


RageFan prediction allows users to buy NFTs for clubs/teams from the “Explore NFTs” tab. Users can find NFTs for the teams that are part of the tournaments that would be hosted in the Prediction application. A unique NFT for a sports club/team can be bought by the user using which they can bet on the team’s match. The betting process should be done before the match begins and once the betting is done, they can find the match status from the “Ongoing” tab under matches. Users must identify and bet on matches where the team has a higher chance of winning. Betting on the winning team helps users attain exciting rewards and paybacks.

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