Play Asia Cup Fantasy League on Rage Fan DFS & Win Exciting Rewards

5 min readAug 25, 2022

The 2022 Asia Cup is scheduled to be the 15th edition of the Asia Cup cricket tournament, with the matches being played as Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) from 27th August to 11th September.

Rage Fan is organizing various contests on Rage Fan DFS for the upcoming Asia Cup 2022, Rage Fan organises tournaments through the Rage fan DFS application which tracks real-life sporting events allowing users to participate and compete against each other.

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Participate in Daily Leaderboard contests daily, win SKNP Merchandise, SKNP Caps and share the pool of 20,000 $RAGE Tokens.

More the number of teams, higher will be your chances to top the leaderboard

The points in the leaderboard contest would be calculated based on the score of their team in every match. Out of 13 matches being played in the Asia Cup, minimum 10 matches would be picked up for the calculation of the scores for the mega leaderboard.

There is a twist, participating with more than 1 team will fetch bonus points in every match. These bonus points will prove to be a game changer in the final leaderboard.

*Player participating with 2 teams will be given bonus of 25 Points
*Player participating with 3 teams will be given bonus of 50 Points
*Player participating with 4 Team and above will be given bonus of 75 Points


Rules :

  • We will be picking the best of the team of the user from every match(Daily leaderboard contest)
  • The bonus points will be added in the final calculation of the leaderboard.
  • Best of 10 matches will be picked up for the calculation.
  • Merchandise will be delivered within India only where major courier service is available. In case it is non deliverable, the user can give an alternate address or the reward will be given in $RAGE Tokens.


Predict winning team daily on Rage Fan DFS Prediction & stand a chance to win 1 SKNP Merchandise & SKNP Cap

Reward — SNKP Signed Merchandise + SKNP Cap

Rules :

  • The minimum Entry Fee in the Prediction is 250 $RAGE
  • The 90% of the tokens in the Pool will be shared by the winners amongst the winners based on the fees deposited in the match.
  • Out of 13 matches, minimum 6 matches to be predicted to be eligible for the SKNP Merchandise.
  • In case of a tie, SNKP Merchandise will be given to the user who has invested the maximum amount of $RAGE token in the Prediction and the other winner/winners will be rewarded $RAGE Tokens.
  • Merchandise will be delivered within India only where major courier service is available. In case it is non deliverable, the user can give an alternate address or the reward will be given in $RAGE Tokens.


Participate in the Head-2-Head Tournaments & win exciting rewards daily. Rage Fan will organize Head-2-Head Contests daily in the Asia Cup Fantasy League.

The more you play, higher are your chances to win the rewards

Rules :

  • Daily Rewards are given on the basis of the highest amount paid as fee in the Head-2-Head Contests in the day.
  • Minimum 4 matches of Head-2-Head contest to be played to be eligible for the daily rewards.
  • The Daily Rewards of 1 Gaming NFT and 250 $RAGE Tokens would be credited to the winner’s scramble wallet.
  • The Gaming NFT carries a utility where it can be utilised on scramble within 24 hours and additional 200 $RAGE Tokens can be earned with the NFT
  • At the end of the tournament, the user who has paid the highest fee in the Head to Head contests would be eligible for the Head-2-Head Ragers rewards.
  • The Prize will be sent to the user within 15 days of completion of the tournament — Only valid for Indian Users. In case the winner is residing outside India, $RAGE Equivalent to the merchandise would be credited in the Rage Fan DFS wallet.


Match: Fantasy match which is equivalent of a real life match. Eg, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc

Contest or League: Contest is the actual game in which a user participates and wins. A match can contain multiple contests with different contest rules and prize amounts. Eg Beginners Battle, Head2Head Contest, etc.

Team: Teams are formed by users who wish to participate in a contest. The user can create multiple teams and join contests based on its permissible rules.

Full Match: In Contests under FULL MATCH users will create a full size team of 11 players from both sides playing the match.

Player Fantasy: In PLAYER FANTASY contests, users create Teams Quickly with smaller number of players. Example: a 3-Player fantasy contest allows users to create a Team with only 3 players and join the contest


The users participate and win as per contest rules announced for every match on Rage Fan DFS. Rules and point calculations are subject to change and are at the discretion of Rage Fan. The $Rage reward is a bonus and is at the discretion of Rage Fan. Rage Fan’s decision will be final without any obligation to the users. Rage fan has the right to remove any user from the leaderboard or cancel the leaderboard without any notice.




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