NFT Multiplier - What, How & Where?

NFT Multipliers — Only on RageFan Fantasy platform

Ever played Fantasy Sports where you and your bud had similar teams and you felt, “I wish I had an edge here cause I knew Player X was going to perform well but not enough to make them my captain”.

Introducing the all NEW NFT Multipliers. Buy the NFTs of the players you feel are going to score and enter the NFT Contest on RageFan. The points scored by those players whose NFT you own gets an additional multiplier. For e.g. if you own Cristiano Ronaldo NFT, then you get 1.7 times his score every time Manchester United plays.

The NFT bought must be available in the RageFan DFS wallet for the multiplier to be applicable.

How to Buy NFTs

  1. Log on to
  2. Connect your wallet and create your account
  3. Ensure you have USDt on the Polygon network in your wallet
  4. Click on the player(s) that you wish to purchase and approve the metamask sign
  5. Congratulations! you have successfully bought the Multiplier NFT

Steps to view an NFT contest and create a NFT team

Check out the Matches for NFT enabled contests. Check the below contest image.

NFT enabled contest

Select the Player with NFT like creating a regular team. The multiplier NFT in the user wallet is automatically detected and displayed with a N symbol near the player image. Eg: If an user has Joao Alves NFT, it is displayed as below.

NFT Multiplier of Player

Check all the NFT multipliers in your team in the Preview.

Preview of Team with NFT Multipliers

Finally when saving the team select SAVE NFT TEAM button

Join the contest and see the score

The team saved as NFT Team is eligible for NFT multiplier and user can join the NFT enabled contests with this team. Check out the below multipliers applicable for respective players. Eg: Cristiano Ronaldo has a multiplier as 1.5. If he scores 100 points the user will get 150 points when selecting Ronaldo in the team.

NFTs released today! Limited Stocks ONLY

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