Dual Utility World Cup T-20 Multiplier NFTs

Dual Utility World Cup T-20 Player Multipliers are on Sale at Rage Fan Marketplace . When we say Dual Utility , we mean it . The Player NFT will support the concept of points multiplier . If you enter in a Rage Fan contest with an NFT player , you earn more points in that contest .

For Eg : If you own Multiplier NFT of Virat Kohli , you get 1.4x of his runs scored in the match . There will be special NFT Contests .

🏏Fab5 Competition

The users who own minimum of 5 Multiplier NFTs are eligible to enter in Fab5 Competition .

Now the questions which arises in your mind will be , what do we mean by Fab5 Competition ? Don’t worry , we are here to give you a detailed snapshot of what Fab5 competition is all about .

Fab5 Competitions are special NFT based competitions where a user can enter provided he have minimum of 5 Multiplier NFTs purchased from Rage Fan Marketplace . There will be total of 6 Fab5 competitions during World Cup T-20 .

Each Fab5 Competition will consists of 5 matches . The Winners will be announced after every 5th match .

Suppose , there are 2 matches on 23rd October , 2 matches on 24th October and single match on 25th October . Altogether , the total comes to 5 matches . The first match winners will be declared on 25th October , soon after completion of 5th Match .

The Winners for the Fab5 Competition will be announced on 25th October , 28th October , 31st October , 03rd November , 05th November & 08th November .

The Winners of the competition will be based on cumulative points of Multiplier NFT’s owned. The points will be fetched from Rage Fan DFS App .

🏆Rewards Structure

The Reward Pool is set to 100K $RAGE for Fab5 Competition . The Rewards Structure for each competition is as stated below :

🥇 3000 $RAGE

🥈 2000 $RAGE

🥉 500 $RAGE

🥉 500 $RAGE

These rewards will be dropped in the wallet after end of every Fab5 Competition .

There are exclusive rewards for the Finals and Semi Finals . The Wallets winning the Fab5 Semi Final and Final Competition will be dropped with massive rewards .

How to Buy Multiplier World Cup NFTs ?

  1. Log on to marketplace.rage.fan .
  2. Connect your Rage Fan Wallet with Marketplace .
  3. Select the Multiplier NFT you would want to purchase and approve the Metamask sign.
  4. Congratulations ! You have successfully bought the NFT.

Note : Purchase Minimum of 5 Multiplier NFTs to be eligible for Fab5 Competition .

Take Your chance , it’s Now or Never !

Limited Editions Available.

Download Rage Fan DFS App :

ANDROID : http://bit.ly/38AKIvx

IOS : http://apple.co/38CRFMv




Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized sports platform built on Polygon/MATIC, offering Sports Utility NFTs, NFT Staking, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Scramble

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Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized sports platform built on Polygon/MATIC, offering Sports Utility NFTs, NFT Staking, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Scramble

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