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RageFan DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) uses the crypto token $RAGE for playing fantasy sports on RageFan app.

Network: Ragefan currently supports contests in Matic Network. Please ensure the rage tokens are held in Matic or Polygon or Matic20 Network of the RageFan DFS wallet.

How to Get $RAGE in Matic Network: $RAGE can be purchased or traded from Polygon supported exchanges like BitBns and Dfyn Network. Similarly $RAGE can be traded with…

Play Fantasy Cricket on RageFan DFS App. Top the Leaderboard to win 1M in $RAGE

The most watched sporting event, IPL 2021, returns on September 19, 2021. Here’s your chance to win 1Million $Rage. Join the Leaderboard contest on RageFan DFS App, refer friends and stand a chance to top the leaderboard with your Fantasy Cricket skills.

Leaderboard Prizepool

1 Million $Rage

All IPL Matches covered on RageFan DFS App between 19 Sep-15 Oct, 2021 will have a leaderboard contest that users must join to be eligible for the leaderboard prize. Points are calculated for all users that participate in the leaderboard contests in Fantasy matches of IPL on RageFan.

RageFan is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the team at PolkaCipher in a bid to accelerate mainstream adoption of NFTs.

The collaboration between the teams will help accelerate the progress of NFT Metaverse discovery and cross-chain use cases within the NFT and Play-to-Earn ecosystems.

PolkaCiphers NFT bridge will allow for RageFan NFTs and In-Game utilities to be swapped from one chain to another which opens up the ability for RageFan to have a cross-compatible ecosystem with other games and NFT projects expanding collaboration and go-to-market opportunities.

Rage.Fan has been a great project from day 1 and I have…

RageFan launched it’s limited edition NFTs to commemorate its olympic winners and in celebration of the 75th Independence Day of India

Jain Hind Sports Heroes NFTs

Named ‘Jai Hind Sports Heroes’, the availability of these NFTs is limited to 8758 mints to signify India’s Neeraj Chopra’s javelin throw distance of 87.58m that won him the gold medal at the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics 2020.

The NFTs can be collected using RageFan’s Scramble mobile app for Android. Scramble is an augmented reality (AR) app that allows users to hunt and collect NFTs and Crypto Tokens. …

SKNP, a popular cricket franchise in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL T20) that counts Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo among its players, announced a multi-year strategic partnership with RageFan, a fan-first sports platform developed on blockchain. The partnership signifies SKNP and RageFan’s commitment to sports and fan engagement.

SKNP, in partnership with RageFan, will develop and launch its fan token offering (FTO) and a mobile fan engagement app for the club’s supporters. Fan tokens allow fans to gain a ‘slice of influence’ and access exclusive fan rewards, content, and experiences such as meeting with players.

SKNP’s fan token is planned…

An NFT collection to commemorate the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games

Rage.Fan, a fan-first decentralized sports platform, launches their Limited Edition Olympian NFT collection to commemorate the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. The NFTs are a tribute to immortalize the dedication of athletes representing their countries in the 2021 Olympics. There will be 80+ countries on the farm for the users to mint.

The Olympian NFTs are available exclusively on Rage.Fan’s perpetual Stake and Mint platform. These limited NFTs can be collected by staking $RAGE, $IBY, $XCAD. To celebrate this significant milestone, Rage.Fan has set aside USD 150,000 worth of tokens to award these NFT holders.

The Rage.Fan stake and mint platform…

Rage.Fan, a fan-first Decentralized Fantasy Sports platform, will airdrop limited edition NFT mints during the EURO 2020 semifinals and final matches to be played at Wembley Stadium on 6, 7, 11 July 2021.

For the first time, NFTs will be minted and distributed based on a specific event like Euro. These NFTs will only be available in that venue/location, for a specific match and date. The NFTs will be scarce as only 10 limited edition NFTs will be minted per game.

The NFTs can be collected by the football fans in attendance during these matches at Wembley stadium using Rage.Fan’s…

Drakons, a dApp strategy game where you get to collect, breed, and play elemental dragon non-fungible tokens or NFTs called DRAKONS, is launching a 20,000 $DRK token hunt campaign using Scramble. Scramble is a first-of-its-kind Augmented Reality (AR) based token & digital asset engagement app developed by Rage.Fan — a Fan-first Fantasy Sports platform.

“DRAKONS takes you to the mystical world of Dragons or Drakon NFTs in different elements and designs that you can collect and breed. As Drakon Masters you get to strategize your Drakon’s moves in battles against other game users to play and earn valuable orbs, boosts…


Rage.Fan is offering a solution that “Gamifies Staking” and enables token holders to stake & earn NFTs around major sporting events happening across the world. NFTs will be made available for sports ranging from Football (Soccer) and Basketball to F1 and eSports. Available on Polygon (previously MATIC), BSC, and Ethereum, the staking farm is perpetual and token holders have all the incentives to stay staked throughout the year. The farm is now live with Euro 2020 and NBA Playoffs 2021.


A partnership that will make you Moov!

Rage.Fan is excited to announce a Strategic Partnership with dotmoovs to sporting fans around the world.

dotmoovs is the first crypto mobile worldwide competitive environment, where users can compete with others around the world just by bringing their skills, ambition, and smartphone. The rest will be done by their AI-based video referee to assess user performance.

Partnership Vision

dotmoovs believes that the work people put into their regular sports practice should be rewarded. The partnership will see dotmoovs power their competitions with NFT offerings from Rage.Fan.

Soon, every dotmoovs and Rage.Fan supporter will be able to join our competition that celebrates UEFA’s…


Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized sports platform built on Polygon/MATIC, offering Sports Utility NFTs, NFT Staking, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Scramble

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